Dependencies and requirements

Alambic is written in Perl and uses the Mojolicious web framework. It relies on a database to store configuration and projects information. As for now only PostgreSQL is supported as a back-end database.

Note   You may want to install perlbrew to have separate perl instances. Even better, perlbrew can be setup with a basic Unix user account.

The docker image serves as a use case test for installation of Alambic. As such, the list of requirements used to build the image_base_centos in $ALAMBIC_HOME/Alambic/docker/image_base_centos can be used as a reference for the dependencies.

Basic requirements

Installing Mojolicious: see instructions here or simply use the CPAN module:

$ perl -MCPAN -e 'install Mojolicious'

Perl Dependencies

The list of Perl requirements notably include the following modules from CPAN:

One can install everything in one command using cpanm. Note the POSTGRES_HOME env var.

POSTGRES_HOME=/usr/pgsql-9.5 cpanm Sub::Identify DBI DBD::Pg inc::Module::Install Digest::MD5 Crypt::PBKDF2 Date::Parse DateTime File::chdir File::Basename File::Copy File::Path File::stat List::Util List::MoreUtils Minion Mojolicious Mojo::JSON Mojo::UserAgent Mojo::Pg XML::LibXML Text::CSV Time::localtime Mojolicious::Plugin::Mail Test::More Test::Perl::Critic Net::IDN::Encode IO::Socket::SSL Git::Repository JIRA::REST Mojolicious::Plugin::InstallablePaths Pod::ProjectDocs GitLab::API:v3 Moose HTML::Entities Template Mojolicious::Plugin::Minion::Admin URI::Escape::XS

Note that plugins have different specific requirements. As an example the StackOverflow plugin requires a R installation and a few packages (knitr for the weaving, snowballc for the wordcloud, etc.). See the documentation of plugins for more information.

R dependencies

Most plugins use the R engine for the computations and/or the visualisations. As of Alambic 3.3.2, the list of R modules required to run Alambic plugins notably includes:

The complete list of of R modules can be installed with the following command:

Rscript -e 'install.packages(c("BH", "DBI", "NLP", "R6", "RColorBrewer", "Rcpp", "SnowballC", "assertthat", "backports", "base64enc", "bitops", "caTools", "colorspace", "curl", "dichromat", "digest", "dplyr", "dygraphs", "evaluate", "ggplot2", "ggthemes", "googleVis", "gtable", "hexbin", "highr", "htmltools", "htmlwidgets", "httr", "jsonlite", "knitr", "labeling", "lazyeval", "magrittr", "markdown", "mime", "munsell", "openssl", "packrat", "pander", "plotly", "plyr", "purrr", "reshape2", "rmarkdown", "rprojroot", "scales", "slam", "stringi", "stringr", "tibble", "tidyr", "tm", "viridisLite", "wordcloud", "xtable", "xts", "yaml", "zoo", "svglite"), repos="")'