Frequently Asked Questions

How can I run project analyses regularly?

Alambic itself doesn't provide a means to run cron-like runs of projects. It is recommended to use a scheduler for that, like Jenkins or Hudson -- that's what we use for the demonstration instances. Most Alambic features are available through the REST API.

TODO add documentation from alambic app here.

What is the default password for administrator?

When initialising Alambic, a default login/password pair is created, so administrators can connect, create more users and obviously change the password.

Default login is administrator and default password is password.

How to configure Alambic to run another port?

The port number Alambic listens to can be configured in the alambic.conf file, in the $ALAMBIC_HOME/mojo directory. Change the following line to whatever port you'd like. Please note however that usign a port <= 1024 requires root privileges.

"hypnotoad" => {
  listen => ['http://*:3010'],

In the docker image, mapped port can be modified in the docker-compose file by changing the line ports:, e.g. to use port 80 of the host:

- "80:3000"

Then head to http://localhost/ and start playing with Alambic.

How did Alambic start?

The idea of Alambic originates from the Polarsys Working Group and the Maturity Assessment task force. A dashboard was developed as a support of the discusssion. The application was then entirely re-written to be more generic and adaptable to other contexts by Castalia Solutions.

Since Alambic is a fork of the PolarSys dashboard, there is a lot of information (mostly historical by now, but still relevant) available on the PolarSys wiki, since the project started there. From the beginning the PolarSys dashboard has been driven by the PolarSys members: the definition of the quality model, attributes, metrics has been discussed on the public mailing list, and the full retrieval and analysis process has received a common agreement on the mailing list. The project and/or its features have also been presented a few times:

How can I contribute?

Any contribution, user, code, test, talk, nice word, smile, beer, is welcome.

There are many different ways to contribute to Alambic:

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to help.

What is the severity on recommendations?