Alambic is entirely open-source (under the Eclipse Public Licence v1.0 and is currently developed on the BitBucket forge.

Source code

Source code for Alambic is hosted on BitBucket and mirrored on GitHub for dissemination. Regarding collaboration, sending Pull requests on BitBucket is preferred but GitHub will be considered too.


Issues are managed with BitBucket's bug tracker:


The official documentation for Alambic can be found on the project's web site and in the git repository.

The application is also self-documented, and any Alambic instance has a /documentation/*.html URL with a lot of information.

Docker images

All docker images can be found on Docker Hub:

Chat room

We are using a HipChat room, both as a collaborative space and as a logbook of all actions -- including continuous integration builds, CI environments availability, etc. You can freely join at