Admin > Projects

This section displays the list of projects, or all information about a single selected project. Administrators can add, edit or delete projects from this page.


Most plugins have a proxy field to access remote resources.

Various types of proxies are supported:

For authentication put credentials in the URL itself, as in http://sri:secret@ Please note that any weird character must be URL-encoded.

All projects UI

Displays the list of all projects and links to create new ones.

Alambic Admin Web UI

The list of projects proposes some basic information on each project, and actions to create a new project. New projects can be created either empty, or using a wizard.

Information displayed for a single project

Displays all information pertaining to a single project, and means to edit the plugins, run a complete or partial analysis, and set the project's parameters (name, description, active, etc.).

Alambic Admin Web UI

It also shows the information available from the latest analysis, with links to go to the dedicated pages:

It also shows the list of runs and generated files.